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I was pointed out the fact that I have not blogged in a long while today. It seems I do not write as much lately. I need to rectify this I think.

My title "Happenings" could really be retitled "Happy Things", hmm I like about:

  • Christmas Eve, building a snowman and having a snowfight in the freshly fallen snow.
  • Watching "The Chronicles of Narnia" with my boys and eating too much buttery popcorn.
  • Enjoying good food and friends both on Christmas and New Years Eve :)
  • Wrapping myself in my chenille throw and sitting on my couch with hot chocolate
  • Being jumped on and attacked with slobbery kisses by my Chumley in the morning
  • Waking up beside my husband and snuggling into his back
  • watching my sons get their yellow belts in Tae Kwon Doe
  • Chatting almost daily with my friend Michelle, and knowing she will soon be close enough to hug :)
  • Catching myself singing under my breath again
  • Discovering Pledge "orange oil" wipes, LOL
  • Seeing my boys playing with their Christmas gifts
  • Holding my husbands hand under the street light downtown Winnipeg with the soft snow falling down
  • Sitting in the "Suite" at the Bryan Adams concert
  • My husband throwing me a Surprise Birthday party!
  • Living in a clean house for two weeks straight :)
  • Looking forward to a great New Year!

Ahhhh has been a wonderful time. A healing time.

Cheers to 2006 :)