Be love

Be love in the morning, the eyes that crinkle the first warm smile of the day
Be love when you fix your children's breakfast, pour into it with kindness
Be love when you feel tired, when you are sore and achy from the night

Be love as you leave your home, and reflect on all that is gifted to you
Be love as you walk down your street and gaze into the living rooms of those less fortunate
Be love to the old man who is always out mucking around his yard

Be love in your workplace, though you are tired of being taken advantage of
Be love when you make the coffee again, though you are the last one in
Be love to all the children that do not get it enough at home

Be love to the animals who get left outside all day long in the rain
Be love to the friend who is lost and lonely
Be love to the friend who claims they need no one

Be love when you cuddle to your loved one at the end of the day
Be love when you take out the garbage or similar mundane tasks
Be love when love is the furthest thing from your mind

Be love when it hurts to
when you are afraid you can't anymore

Make the choice to be love....and love will surely come back to you

Been awhile..

I dislike it when my words do not come easily. I just stare at what seems like a vast white space and try to think of how I should fill it.
So much going on in my head and heart. I suppose that is not new, and will be the reality of my life! In fact, I think that is the way it is meant. For us to constantly live and learn and reflect.

I went to a marriage enrichment weekend last weekend and it was so wonderful. Just having that time Dave and I, was on its own so wonderful and special, but the principles that they taught us and communication insights were not only humorous but very effective.

When I think of what I nearly lost, of all that I nearly ended for good.....Man, what I would have missed out on.

We never really know what is coming do we? We are so quick to base our lives on the moment, instead of what could be in the future.

My dear husband, for all the times you stood by me, all the times you didn't, all the times we fought so hard I thought there was no way back, all the times we nearly gave up......I am thankful.

We are now in such a different place. I thought that the word "we" was going to be gone for us.....

I want to encourage anyone that visits here that feels a little lost, or lonely.....Time is on your side. Things will get better.

I still battle the sadness sometimes, my moods add to my confusion and I can be really difficult to live with (just ask Dave) but, you know what, I am not alone.