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Volunteer Firefighters Rodeo



Back when I was still in Selkirk, I started making this video. It has taken me a loooong time to finish, and I apologize profusley that it is so blurry! I tried for days literally to shrink it enough to put it on the net, and will see if there is anyway I can figure out a better way of compressing it. I just wanted to share.


Home sweet home

Well, it has been a long time coming, but we are finally in our new home. This is probably the first time I have sat down to think in about a month. Everything seemed to happen so fast, and I am finally coming out of vacation mode I think. (as in, this felt so much like I was here visiting until now)

That has brought some wonderful feelings of contentment, and also the odd twinge of sadness missing those I love in Selkirk. I suppose that is normal.

But, I have to gush a bit. I get to have coffee with the finches every morning. I sit in my bright living room looking out at all the trees and watching the birds come to visit my feeder.  I love it.

The other day a horse drawn carriage went by my kitchen window. I love the country feel of my home, and aside from the gargantuan mosquitoes that I have had the pleasure of encountering in the past week, I am totally in awe of the beauty surrounding me.

My parents came for Sunday dinner a couple nights ago. I cannot tell you what that means to me, to be able to watch my sons interact with them, and enjoy there company again. I feel very blessed.

I have promised some pictures, so even though we are far from done yet, I will take a couple teasers ;)    





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