So I suppose I should update

Since my last post was kind of depressing and out there.
In the interest of being positive I will tell you what I have managed to accomplish in the week since my last post.

I am getting up earlier. I get up, and see my husband off to work. We pray together and it has been good. I prepare my kids lunches either the night before or in the morning and make sure they get a nice healthy breakfast.

I have made dinner more often than not, and we have started doing an hour afterschool for "free time" that has nothing to do with a screen...this is a big accomplishment.

I have been working hard to try to catch up with my work, but I think I am just going to have to get used to the fact that I might not *ever* catch up totally and just do the best I can.

I have been listening to some new music and find that inspiring....I am very much enjoying the new church and looking forward to some great new relationships there. I am looking forward to hopefully feeling a little less like visitors one day, I tend to have trouble with feeling awkward and out of place sometimes. My better half on the other hand has never had a problem with socializing with strangers. I feel lame sometimes feeling like I need him beside me or everyone will be able to tell how uncomfortable I am. I try to remember if I was always like this, I don't think so. I don't know when I became so introverted in social settings because I feel like I am more of an extrovert so the whole thing is a bit of a conundrum. Well, I won't try to figure me out today...

I loved Thanksgiving and Halloween being in the same place as my parents. It has been SO long since we had family to share with. Even Dave's parents were away for stuff like that more often than they were around when we lived in Manitoba (which was a shame) so I loved being able to share that with family!

Let me see if I can drum up some pics for ya ;) My boys went for the gory this year, but wanted to make sure I knew they were "friendly" ghouls...

* picture made using - elements from two great freebies bld_sassept_el10, and shandyvogt. Which, I am a goof for not writing down the actual creators because this is my first time so I hope they forgive me.