Time to update

For lack of a better title I will use that :)

I have had so much going on in the past few months, that it was honestly overwhelming to try to write about it all.

So, here is what I call, glimpses of spring...

Victoria '06 072

Victoria '06 026

Victoria '06 023



The first batch is photos from my trip to BC for my first Epicure Conference. In case I have not been very clear, I now am selling these products via catalogs and home parties. (Which I can by the way have shipped anywhere in Canada, hint hint)Loving to cook, this has been a no-brainer for me. Offering a wide range of healthy, low sodium, low cal and low fat, blends, spices, dressings, and more was a bandwagon I was more than willing to jump on.

I have also made some amazing friendships, and ability to develop my confidences and strengths in business.

Secondly, some highlights of my absolutely wonderful trip to my parents on the train. While the train ended up running 17 hours behind schedule, they made it up to us by giving us free chocolate cake and a lovely dinner. :) The boys seemed to enjoy this very much.

It was wonderful to spend time with my parents, and the boys had a blast.








Then it was back to home, and real life, and the simple things that make my life joyful. Fun times with good friends, the fun of Easter and the celebration of our Salvation, and the thankfulness that our home was spared from the flood. You can check out pics here at my friend Colin and Tasha's blog.

Then, here is a picture of Wes with his school project, a windchime he made himself (with a bit of help from mom and dad)

feb07 006

It is my intention to try to keep this updated a tad bit more :)

Hope you enjoyed the update!