Been neglectful I know...

I have been over on my weightloss blog far more often. I am pretty focused on that these days so..

Update on the Hagglund Family:

We are all ok. Drew has started soccer again, and Wesley just finished Beavers and will be moving to Cubs next year.

We are enjoying the warm weather, and all the fun sounds and smells of summer.

I have been pretty ill this past bit, and am waiting on some tests to find out whats going on. Hopefully it is nothing too serious.

We are anxiously awaiting Dave's sisters for the weekend imported from the US of A. Its always a good time to visit with them, and Dave is excited to see his neices. (not that I am not, just that he gets surprisingly gushy about it all)

Not much else is new, we went to Dave's TKD tournament last weekend, Dave got two silver medals :) Way to go Dave!

I will leave with you with some funny pictures. This is all my sons work. They took these themselves!