Vacation and all that good stuff...

Well, It has been a long time.

I have been in Ontario for a month. I have visited freinds, family, stores...oh ya did I mention I like to shop? Oye. Good thing we have the van for going home.

It has been a wonderful time and I am so thankful for family and renewing of friendships long past due.

I am however ready to go home. That statement seems a bit strange to me today, I think I thought that I would return here and the idea of leaving would kill a part of me the same way it does everytime. An unexpected shift has come however and I find myself longing for my prairies...and of course my family and friends there.

This is not to say that I don't want to someday be living back here in the north, I think it is just an opening of my heart to say that I will be ok for awhile to enjoy the life I have now.

Here are some pictures (only a sampling of the many I have from the trip)

Chel, I miss ya my friend. I look forward to seeing you soon. Oh and thanks so much for taking good care of my furbaby :)