After what feels like forever, I am home....

How wonderful to have spent time with my family. I miss them so much, and it was wonderful to share laughter and tears with my mom. We had our shopping adventures, our day at the hairdressers, and a lovely meal together. There is nothing in the world like the bond between a mom and her daughter :)

I think one of my favorite memories was of doing a deep sea mask with my mom, and trying not to laugh at how ridiculous we looked as it hardened on our faces. Ha...We kind of looked like the incredible hulk.

It was good to be able to massage my dad's shoulders, and hear him sneeze (I know that might seem odd, but believe me no one sneezes like my dad, its quite a thing to experience) I loved being there in their home, and watching their relationship bloom with their grandsons.

And like all good things, it came to an end far too soon.

We did however get the opportunity to spend some wonderful quality family time together on our way home. Off we went to Valleyfair, and made some great memories!

I will share some pics and maybe a video later :)

I think however one of my favorite memories from this trip will be the long drive home. Our whole family listened to "The Chronicles of Narnia" all seven books, over the course of nearly 22 hours of travel.

I found myself caught up in the magic, and not at all were the parallels of these stories and God lost on me. I found myself softening and relating to my Saviour in ways I had forgotten. In ways that only a child can.

I come home refreshed, renewed and repentant. For all the ways I failed to be the reflection I would have wanted, and my constant want to change people that I have no business changing.

My heart is happy, and content.

I am looking forward to the fall, I feel the winds of change, and this time, they feel warm against my cheek; like an embrace from a very dear and long forgotten friend.


Coutts said...

awesome, that's great you guys read, i mean listened to, the whole Narnia series. the boys are just the right age for that and you never grow too old.

Coutts said...

not that you are old or anything!

Julie said...

I totally agree, I read the Narnia series outloud with my cousin when we were both in our early 20's and it did something similar within me! What a great way to spend such a long road trip :)