A week alone

My husband has been gone all week on business. I would like to report that I have been more than self sufficient without him, and that it was a breeze parenting on my own, and I suppose that would be partly true.

I had a family meeting on Sunday with the boys and devised a plan of attack for the week. I was quite impressed with my brilliance, however by Wednesday, I had developped this awful sinus-migraine-chronic neck pain thing, and so most of my great plan went out the window.

I would love to report that I was the picture of patience and the best Mom around, but I did lose my temper a couple of times. (When almost the full bottle of cleaner got spilled on the boys new books, and they left took a shower and flooded the basement)

but....overall, I did ok.

I had some really great moments with my boys, and I was reminded over and over again, of just how fast they grow up. School is back in full swing, and it amazes me that my I have a child old enough to be in Grade Four! ( I had my first date in grade four - we went to see Beetlejuice in the theatre. I also married my first husband in Grade Four, lol)

I have not slept well this past week, that much is for sure. I would try, and toss and turn. I think I have had less than a 3 hour a night average. My brain just won't shut off.

All the alone time, and my thoughts begin to scare me. It is amazing the things we can get all worked up over when we have nothing to occupy our minds. So, my goal
is to just relax the rest of the week, and not let myself get all stressed out.

To remind myself of all the reasons that I am who I am. All the reasons I choose this life everyday.

Tomorrow is Friday. Family Movie Night......time to cuddle up with my boys and mounge down on Pizza and Popcorn.

My favorite thing.

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Anonymous said...

awww - it was nice to know that i was missed.

Didn't know you had been married before though.

Any other secrets you are hiding from me?