Got Marriage?

I need to breathe
When the day gets a bit too long
And I am left shaken

Love is so fragile
Like a flower
With petals to gently protect
Yet so easily lifted away

Why is it so easy to give up?
Don’t we realize its fragility?
Don’t we value that which is most sacred anymore?

Strength is in the trying
When you have nothing left to try for
When you are empty and broken
But you hold on anyway
Because you have

In things that you cannot see
In someone bigger than yourself
In a love that is so much more than what we feel

Its not supposed to be easy
Because easy makes us lazy
And selfish
And the truest form of love is in the surrender
The giving of who we are
And sharing of what we can become

Is a man who loves a child not his own by blood
But would fight with his life to protect him
Is a woman who feels lost in her own body
But believes that at the end of the day
Her family is all that matters

Are easily made
Frequent and fleeting
But forgiven in the end
Because of the relationship
Because of the promise of unlimited beginnings
Vows spoken easily, yet also easily forgotten
Do not uphold themselves
We must remind ourselves always
Of that which is most important

That the grass on this side of the fence…..

Needs to be taken care of.


LF said...

Julie, those words have expressed your heart in such an amazing way. You have a beautiful soul.

Julie said...

So relevant and poignant... Thanks for sharing this Julie. It really spoke to my heart.

jon or angie said...

that's a great poem. well said. keep on. peace.