Life is...

Well, I realize it has been awhile since I wrote.
Wow, with working and all the extra curricular activities I have going on, blogging has fallen to the wayside I am afraid.
I do find blogging to be very helpful to me so I will make an effort to get to it more often.

The mornings lately are really hard to wake up. It is dark and cold, and just the kind of time where you want to curl up in your husbands
arms and fall back into sleep.

Right now the sky is a million shades of pink, swirled with the grey clouds, and pieces of blue. It is breathtaking. I can see it so brightly through my window here, and it makes me smile, in spite of my grumpy tired self this morning.

It is Friday....I am so thankful for that. Friday's are family day. We watch a movie and make pizza, and afterwards Dave and I curl up on there couch to watch a movie the two of us, often with a nice glass of baileys and milk. Friday's are my favorite day.

They remind me why I get up every morning. Why I go to work, why I come home, why I keep trying, keep believing....

This weekend we have lots of family fun planned with Halloween right around the corner. My boys are going as Kraft Dinner and Spaghetti and Meatballs. Hmm, think Mom was hungry when she suggested it? We are planning to carve the pumpkin and do some cookies for my youngest's class. And Sunday (family cooking day) its my oldest Son's day so he will be preparing a Halloween themed meal. Fun Fun. We are also planning to go to an auction on Sunday so I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my weekend.

The crisp fall air brings some mixed emotions for me. I love the fall, and I have many happy memories, including the beginning of my married life. Seven Anyway, I kinda digress there, but whatever. LOL. Well we work through these things don't we, and find our way the best we can I guess.

So, I am still avidly collecting coupons. It is such a thrill to me for some messed up reason. I think its the idea of free money. Like all those dollars
and cents will somehow make me rich. Ok well not rich, but hey, when you buy eight items at the grocery store like juice(the expensive vitamin/soy enriched kind) flaked chicken, and ham, and Lipton Soupmixes for 9 dollars it becomes worth it! :)

Ok so I have rambled I go.

Have a Happy Halloween all!


Anonymous said...

So glad to see you back here finally...Been wonderin' what was takin'ya so long. Ok,so I knew what it was, but still...LOL

Reading about your holiday plans is a great mood builder and I appreciate you sharing.
(Yeah well,this Blogging thing can be a positive thing sometimes after all I guess eh?!)...:grin:

Anyway,have a great time with all your plans and fun stuff. The boys costumes sound really fun and I for one,am looking forward to the pics of them for sure!

Ummm,and so what are you gonna be then?!:smirk:
Would love them photos too ya know...:wink:

Take care Hon,

gadgetgrl said...

cool about the coupons. Got any tips? I need to figure out a way to get michael's coupons - they don't deliver to me. booo hooo. I need to feed my scrap habit these days