Thought I should write...anything really just to fill up the space!
Life is good, I am doing well.

My wonderful friend Chel is home, and I am so thankful to have her back in my life, not that she wasn't before, but she is reachable now, and I can hug her whenever I want! Not to mention all the other cool stuff we like to do!

My boys are excited for Easter Weekend! This year we are doing the walk of the Cross, to remember what Jesus went through. I think this is a neat way to make it real for my kids.
I am singing in church on Easter Sunday, and I always so look forward to that! The boys are all excited for painting easter eggs, ham dinner, and of course the arrival of the Easter Bunny...

Things are starting to wind down for the year and I am thankful for the extra breathing space, but at the same time, miss some of the connections I had made. Hopefully we will all get together soon.

I am working on myself right now and that feels good. Doing things that are healthy for me, making new friends, rediscovering old ones, and just enjoying the fresh smell of spring. (Ok, well maybe fresh is stretching it....the smell of melthing dog poop would probably be more accurate, but you get the idea :))

I am still an avid couponer, and am enjoying my Wednesday night shopping as much as ever!

Looking forward to the summer season and taking things one day at a time!



Karma said...

Well, lets hope it gets better smelling soon shall we?!

Glad to see your spring is shaping up to be very positive for you.

Big Hugs!

gadgetgrl said...

I m so glad to be back - seems like a long time coming eh?