back to 100 facts...

I realized that I started this and never finished it - grin. So, I guess now is as good a time as any. In fact, maybe I will start over.
Mostly because I don't remember where I was at!

1. When I write, I need music on. It does not really matter what kind, it just sets me in the mood to write.
2. Right now it is "The Junkie Song" by the Be Good Tanya's.
3. I had the opportunity to see them at Folk Fest last year, and missed it :( I plan to be there this year though!
4. I associate music with people and memories, and sometimes will go months or even years without listening to something because
of the feelings it brings
5. I refuse to do this anymore.
6. I went to the movies tonight to watch "Bench Warmers" it was pretty lame..
7. Paul Haggis, the director of "Crash" and writer of "Million dollar Baby" is my fathers first cousin.
6. I like telling people that because I was always teased about my last name.
7. Called "Hag Bag" "Haggler" and "sheep guts"
8. My teachers always made this worse by explaining to all the students what Haggis is.
9. I speak to every one of my ex's. My husband thinks this is strange.
10. Well, all save for one I guess.
11. I love chocolate and Peanut butter together. My absolute fav is Perkins Peanut Butter Silk Pie.
12. I love the smell of a campfire.
13. I love to be in the water. I think part of it is because I do not feel the burden of all the extra pounds I carry around.
14. I worry that I will fail.
15. I am considering that I may have an addiction to garage sales.
16. I am struggling for more useless facts.
17. I used to pick my nose and eat it when I was a child. I honestly thought it kept cavities away.
18. That is the very first time I have EVER said that.
19. I am desperately afraid of heights and every time I watch the amazing race, I think.....I would maybe be able to do it. (the height stuff)
20. I wear sunglasses but they always fall of my eyes. I have a tiny nose.
21. I get really angry sometimes. More than I should I think :(
22. I laugh, REALLY hard. Everyone at the Theatre turns and looks at me.
23. I also cry REALLY hard. Yeah they look at me for that too!~
24. I hate shaving my legs and sometimes go months without!!! (in the winter)
25. I made it to 25! Yay. Song now is "My town" by Glass Tiger. I think Alan Frew is still very hot. He has got to be like ancient.
I saw him at the Ex two years ago. MMMM..... :) I think its the accent....


gadgetgrl said...

Wow I never knew snot could keep cavities away! heehee- you also have very small teeth as well as a small nose. a connection perhaps???

What music do you associate with me? I can verify the laughing in movie theatres hehe

I can't believe alan frew is still around! I always associate the EX with glass tiger.

Anonymous said...

And i can verify the crying so hard that people look at you funny.

I can verify most of these. Didn't know you picked your nose and ate it. Learn something new every day i guess.

Love ya baby.


Anonymous said...

yep, Alan's still around--still singing and other things at the ripe ol' age of 50 (on 11/8 of course) :)