First one finished, kinda lame but I did it!

She sits up and faces the new day with a yawn and a stretch,
the sunlight trapped between her hands, dancing, searching, calling her to awake.

She smiles when she realizes it is Saturday.

Glancing over at her husband, she gently traces his forearm, playing with its celtic markings.

She reaches over to him and whispers softly, “Wake up”

She giggles as he remains asleep.

Slipping from the sheets, she walks downstairs.

She carefully measures out the grinds of coffee, embracing the smell

Watches as it percolates, finds the strangest joy in the tiny drops as they get lost in the sea of dark liquid

Pleased that the weather has co-operated in her plans, she proceeds up back up the stairs

She stares in at the peaceful, gentle faces of her boys.

With a fierce pride, she blinks back the tears that surprisingly find their way to her eyes, and calls them to awake.

Her oldest throws on some clothes, eager to participate in the day’s activities. His impish grin, funky hair, and slept in appearance makes her laugh out loud.

Her youngest not quite as convinced, demands some form of enticement for his loyalty to his mothers hobby

None to pleased with the ultimatum, and yet secretly impressed by his creativity she promises a Chocolate Chip Muffin from the local Coffee Shop.

They all fall in line with her as she shuffles them out the door.
Nothing like some quality family time Yard Saling.


Anonymous said...

Very nicely done

Now what about chelleys words?


Karma said...

Hey, I got caught up in here, I really loved the imagery. I could smell the coffee... I should buy some more. ;) Hugs!