Well everyone, its been a rough bit. I have avoided all things blogger. I am tired, and a bit warn down. Those that know me well know that I am in the middle of med adjustments etc, and am just feeling generally blah. But...

Here are some of the good things:

I am off to Victoria BC, my first time ever in BC, and I get to meet a new friend well I am there. Also, I am attending the Epicure conference, and am extremely excited about that.

I then am off to Sudbury to visit with my Mom and Dad. I am so beyond excited for that, I miss them so much lately, and am just looking forward to some quality time with them.

My marriage is good, and my hubby is my best friend. Thank you Dave for being there lately, I know I am not easy right now.

I won a contest, and that makes me happy :)

Ok, so thats my update for now.

Take care


lorena said...

Ok I am curious, what contest?

So I hope you will try to update your blog a bit while you are gone so I know if you are still alive.

Anonymous said...


I dont know your exact situation but I will be praying for you. I love you.


Shan said...

Yeah I want to know what contest too.I hope it was a big one!

Thanks for updating. I've been missing you on Wednesday.

The Hansens said...

Victoria! So close and yet so far... I hope you enjoy your first visit to this fine province! Good place to start- Victoria's beautiful from what I remember from when I was 6. =) Does that mean you won't be in Selkirk from March 26-30...?

Jen =)