5 days

5 days till the big move.
Its kind of surreal somehow.

Its been almost six years since that fateful day we set foot on Manitoban ground. Which in itself is a funny story. On our trip, I asked why there was no customs at the Ontario/Manitoba border. Ya, goes to show the state of my naiveity. Poor Dave. Apparantly there is more to Canada than Ontario.

I remember the effect the prairies had on me at first. I felt the vertigo from the contrast of tall buildings and flat lands. The musky smell of the earth and the constant quiet that seemed to surround us all the time. I really did fall in love with this beautiful place.

I was so fortunate over the years to make some amazing friends that I am sure will be part of my heart and soul forever. They will be missed every day. I have no doubt of that.

My heart is somewhat sad to leave. Saying Goodbye has never been easy for me. I have always had to work hard to protect my heart and it has affected me greatly when people have moved away, so it feels somewhat odd to be the one leaving this time.

I am excited to go home. It feels very much that way for me. Back to the hilly, lush, and northern towns of my childhood. Back to my family and old friendships that I have missed and hopefully back to a peice of myself I seem to have left behind.

I have learned so much in the time here, I would not change it for the world. Although there was some painful times, there was so many miracles that happened too. I have grown so much, and have come into myself in a lot of ways, and I cannot wait to begin another chapter.

So, I suppose I should get back to work. That's one thing that hasn't changed, lol, still a procrastinator.

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