At war with the washer

I am not a very hands on kinda gal. In fact, when I think back to all the moves I have had in the past, they were mostly done for me - by friends, my husband, family...

I have come to the conclusion that this past six weeks has been one heck of a reason for me to change certain aspects of my personality.

I nearly had a mental breakdown today. I got so upset that I literally threw something across my lawn, screaming at the top of my lungs, all while my poor boys watched there mom having a tissy fit.

You see, my dear sweet husband who seems to have more faith in me than I have in myself- never told me that you are required to shut off the water when you disconnect a washing machine. YES, this should be common sense. Apparently I am lacking. So imagine my surprise and displeasure when water starts gushing out of my washing machine, WHILE my dryer is still running.

So, panic to unplug dryer, get a bowl under the water...see the valve, shut it off....Water STILL gushing...All over my kitchen floor at this point.

A few expletives later and I am downstairs shutting of the main water, that will fix it! Cept it doesnt...more water. What the HECK?!?!?

So, I finally get it to stop, or so I think and go turn the main water on....I can hear my sons SCREAMING from upstairs. Water is everywhere. Shut off main water again.

Truck pulls up. Ok, great, people are here to buy washer and dryer, hold it together. I walk out there, soaking wet, can't look them in the eye and start to explain the situation.

After I give them the whole speil, the woman pipes up, well Ill look at it in a second, but I would like a hug first....that got my attention. A couple of my friends I hadn't seen in a couple years stopped in on there way to a wedding. Well, that set me off alright. I started to bawl. Told them everything that happened, and luckily they were able to help me figure it out.

Turns out there are TWO valves, one for hot, one for cold. Only the handle was missing from one which was why I didn't see it.

So, there that is my rant. A rant at myself for not being able to handle things, and a vow to change the way I let others do everything for me.

What a day....

Oh forgot to add, in all the chaos I totally forgot that all my dress clothes were still in the dryer which is now on its way to the new owners in another city.


Melody said...

Okay Julie that is a pretty funny story. I would have most definitely done the same thing as you, although I probably wouldn't have had the opportunity as my husband would know better than to ask me to do it. Hey, those clothes are one less thing to pack. Welcome back to Ontario. Let us know if you ever make it down to the big city.

Anonymous said...

What a great story Julie!! You told it so well, I felt I was there just watching it happen (or rather, helping you figure it out :) Too bad about your dress clothes...did you end up getting them back?