Day 5 of no sleep

And I am beyond exhausted. Worst part is, my spirit is down. I think I have had a combined total of maybe 8 hours in the past 5 nights, and I am just not cutting it. My kids need me, my house is a total mess, and I am feeling awfully run down.

I am supposed to be going away this weekend, and am hoping that this clears up soon.



Lorena said...

hey no one told me you were still blogging. now that i know i will visit you here.

Tasha & Colin said...

oh julie....hang in there....i hope it's cleared up by now. Not only because I want you to feel better, but because you're slacking a little in the work department! ;) ha ha!! (totally kidding :) ok, maybe not... :)
It's nice to know you're blogging again!