6/365- My *pink* cellphone.

Ok, I know that everyone and their brother has a cell phone. I also know that I sort of never really got into it, since I am so prone to forgetting them at home anyway. Although a few months ago, my sweet husband took me to get a new phone that was a little bit more user friendly. So, I got my LG dare, with a PINK case, that I love so much.

I love this phone! It has a calendar feature, I use it as an alarm clock, It has all the bells and whistles, and I can browse online, (which annoys the aforementioned husband since I have a slight facebook addiction)

Nevertheless, I am grateful for this little bit of technology that makes my life a little easier, and definitely a bit more pink ;)

Oh...P.S. Tasha if you are reading this, that is a 1.5 TB external hardrive in the background ;)

From Making Lemonade


Dave said...

A "slight" Facebook addiction?

Not likely...


Tasha & Colin said...

Wow I haven't been to your blog in forever! Now that I know you're blogging again, I'll check on a more regular basis!
Congrats on the external hard drive....you're just looking for any "easy" way to be organized! LOL