Gratitude 365

I have wanted to get back into blogging for some time now. I used to do it all the time, but have found myself either lacking material, or motivation.

So, upon reflection of how I have been sort of miserable a lot lately, I decided I needed to focus on the things that are great in my life. The many wonderful things that I love and am so thankful for every single day.

I heard of Project 365 years ago....its basically a way of documenting your life with a photo, one day at a time. So, I am going to combine that with my "Gratitude" journal, thus the idea of "Gratitude 365"

Here is Day 1:

I am so thankful for my Keurig Coffee maker. Seriously. Its art. And isn't my mug just the cutest?! In fact, I love my whole coffee bar area. Those Sugar die for. Yup. Awesome!


Jen said...

LOVE the coffee station you have going there! ;) It makes me wish I drank coffee..

Michelle said...

mmmmm looks good ! Coffee with cream and sugar and flavours... wish I could come over for a cup right now. I'd bring the muffins.