Cinch success story - Tasha Starr

This Cinch testimonial is very dear to my heart. My very good friend Tasha and I are fortunate enough to share our lives in many ways. Friends to begin with, I began working for her about two years ago as a contractor. She joined Shaklee with me shortly after I did, less than six months ago.

Tasha is an inspiration to me in so many ways, but a few things that have always stuck out to me is her drive to succeed in all things, and her compassion for others and love of her family. So naturally Shaklee was a great fit for her!

Tasha and I also started Cinch together around the same time, with the small difference that she actually stuck to it over the holidays and I didn't. I am however back on track now!

Here are her amazing before and after shots!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am actually reaching out to Tasha Starr, and I'm hoping you will pass this on to her. I am a new Shaklee Fast Tracker and Cinch user. I am trying to find someone like her who is on track with the Fast Track willing to have maybe a conversation or two and offer whatever wisdom she may for a neubie like myself just starting out. This is my first week, however I have rearranged my life in order to do the Shaklee Fast Track full time. There is no one in my upline who has nailed it yet, and it would be so appreciated if she would be willing to speak to me.
Many thanks for passing this on.
Rich Nye
Toronto, Ontario
416-286-2064 (h) 416-371-9292 (c)

Julie said...

Rich, I have passed your comment on to Tasha.