New Year - New Me?

2011 is here, and as the beginning of a new year starts I wanted to take a look back a moment on 2010 and write down at least five positive things that happened to me last year.

I tend to be the type that focuses on what I DIDN'T accomplish instead of what I did, so I want to begin turning around my thinking to the things that are positive instead!

1- I managed to branch out my retouching and design business to a few new clients of my own. This was a big accomplishment for me becuase for the most part I do consulting work for another (magnificently talented) Photographer who consistently checks my work, thus creating a bit of a safety blanket. So it was nice to know that someone else loved my work based only on what I myself had done. I would love to continue growing in this area this year.

2-I lost 28 pounds- I also gained around 20 (from earlier in the year) leaving me only down 8 since 2009, but I still managed to lose 28 pounds in one session so I am pretty happy with that :) Again, this year, my goal is to lose 50 pounds. Very doable, so I am going to plan to succeed. I also want to walk/run in a half marathon in my 35th year, so as I am now 34, I want to begin training for that!

3-I practiced driving- While it is true that darned drivers license is STILL taunting me, I DID get out of my comfort zone several times and get behind the wheel, so this year, I am going to get it. It is my NUMBER one goal for 2011.

4-I joined Shaklee and started another business!- This one was particularly exciting for me since I wasn't looking for it, and it just sort of fell in my lap. That's always the best kind of opportunity.
I have been using their supplements and weight loss products as well as their amazing beauty line and I can honestly say that it has made a great impact. So goal for 2011 is to keep growing my team, and become more confident in myself when it comes to following up with my customers, and really be an example of how well these products work (which requires a bit more diligence on my part to stick to it, especially Cinch)

5-I spent lots of time rediscovering my sons- To be honest, I suppose it should really be my oldest son, but something happened when he became a teen, and all of a sudden he just GREW up in front of my eyes. This led to many conversations, tears and questions, and I find myself so much closer to him having gone through it all. It also prompted me to begin working on my relationship with my younger son knowing it won't be much longer until he is a teen too! So 2011, I want to really focus on my relationships. All of them, not just with my sons, but my husband, my family and my close friends. Take time....

So in addition to those things I really want to be more active this year. Less time on the couch/computer and more in the world. (Didn't do so well at that last year ;))

I hope you all have a wonderful year! I am back on track with tracking my food and using the great Cinch products to help with my weight loss. They have a great promo this month so if anyone is interested in doing this with me, here are the details! If you decide to try it let me know and I will help you get set up!

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Melanie Peskoe said...

All I can say is You GO Girl!!! It sounds like you are in a great place to start the new year off right. You really seem to know what you want and have a plan to achieve it. I'll be reading your blog along the way and catching your motivation as well! Thanks for the inspiration today!