My relationship with my plants...

Some people think it is strange to talk to your plants, or to have a "relationship" with them at all. I however, on the other hand, love my plants and treat them as thought they are indeed part of my family.

Granted, this could be partially do to the fact that I live with four males (hubby, sons, and dog)and feel the need to even out the playing field by having female plants. (wink)

I am not sure what it is exactly, but seeing a plant grow and change, under my direction is a huge mood lifter for me.

I recently added a new member to my flora family. Hibby :)

Now see, many years ago in my old home town I had another hibby, A double bloom, red hibiscus that was well over 6 feet tall. She came to us because she was too big to move out of the house that she had grown up in.

I promised to care for her, and that I did. I loved that plant. She watched my children grow, listened to my silly stories and heard my endless singing. She never complained.

She would bloom for me constantly and I would praise her.

When we moved from that house and I found her a home in the Floral store I was working in, people offered me hundreds of dollars for her, but she was just not for sale.

I learned in a tragic way that not everyone loves their plants as I do. I gave her to the owner of the store when the store shut down. Poor hibby ran around in the back of her truck for over a week and eventually died.

It broke my heart.

Saturday I found another one. Identical, a red, double bloom tree hibiscus. I am happy, and you know what, today, she bloomed....


Anonymous said...

I'd say you're 100% weird.

Dr. Deborah Serani said...

My mother-in-law made it a practice to talk , read and sing to her plants. I have never seen more beautiful plants and flowers. She made me a true believer!!!
She, too, would feel very sad if one of her "babies" wasn't flourishing or died. It was a crisis if this occurred, and I always understood.

Anonymous said...

Was really glad to see that you were able to find your new baby.
She's really beautiful.

Have a great time with her!
(Yeah,kewl,very kewl...;))

~New beginnings,aren't they just wonderful sometimes?


Julie said...

100 percent wierd?? Oh man that is just the greatest compliment ever!! GRIN

Julie said...

100 percent wierd?? Oh man that is just the greatest compliment ever!! GRIN