Sick - Malade

Man my house is just a mecca of illness.

I myself have the chest cold from hell, my youngest son is pretty much equally matched. My oldest has pink eye, and my husband is coming in a close third to holding the rank of the sickest family member.

I HATE it when we are sick. Eveyone is miserable, cranky....tempers are flaring. Man, it is just not a nice environment.

We found out some of our good friends are moving back home to southern Ontario. This is becoming a common occurrence.

On one hand, I am happy for them, on the other I am sad that they are leaving.

On my foot, LOL, I am jealous that they are going home to their family....


The job is going well, I still really enjoy it. I get tested by the parents and the staff on a regular basis but I am adapting and for the most part I think I am passing. :)

I will blog about things more interesting when the snot stops oozing out of every orifice's of my being.


gadgetgrl said...

Lots of fluids will help the snot come out better. Take care and try not to get too stressed out.

I spent the last week with a mild bug that basically gave gord and I major gas pains and flatuence. Not a very nice house we lived in this week lol

Julie said...

You and your fluids...

Okey Dokey Miss Gadget, better go buy some Cranberry Juice...


gadgetgrl said...

Well you are a freaking camel - It's not NORMAL for someone to drink as little as you!!

So when you have a cold you need to actually drink a little more. More like a normal person- k?;-)