The weekend

Well the fam went camping.

We packed up the five of us (including the dog) and headed to Grand Beach for the long weekend.

We had a great time. I took some healing time for myself, and a few walks (this was kind of a rough weekend for me), but all in all it was highly enjoyable.

I love looking into people's sites. There is just something so amazing about community, I just love it.

I realized something about myself out there....I am the type that needs community. I crave it. I am not a loner. (Even though I tend to be alone a lot)

I love surrounding myself with people, the feeling of "belonging" of knowing there is someone there. This was one of things I loved (and still do quite frankly) about the gay community. They sure knew how to help each other up. They (often forced by being outcasts) have banded together, to create a comfy, non-judgmental and relaxing community.

I do not find the same kind of community in my church. I wonder at this sometimes.

Now, I am not saying that my church is unfriendly, not at all....In fact I think it is one of the most friendly churches in my town, however, I wonder at the level of community.

We came home from our camping trip to a L1 Tornado. We were not supposed to come home until the day after but by wonderful coincidence we came home the night before. Nothing looked amiss, I was just not feeling too well, so we had come home to rent a movie. By 2am the winds were gusting at over 100 km per hour. Trees were ripped from the ground, planes turned over, damage was done.

Community was found among the streets of my little town. People helping to cut down trees, pick up garbage, huddle together to help get through the shock of it all.

Stories of people's lives, and why certain trees were planted were shared, neighbor's never seen became friends that day.

Why is it that we never reach out until tradgedy occurs?

Why are there so many who sit alone in there house lonely, afraid, in such need of community, friendship, and companionship?

Sigh, it is such a quandary to me.

Well, I suppose a fire starts with a single ember and perhaps, I for one, need to learn to ask for help. To reach out instead of complaining about not being reached.

I had my neighbor over for coffee today....A start atleast.

Till later,

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Anonymous said...

"A start"...
And so it is at that,isn't it?

It's really good to see you finding a little of what feels good for yourself right now.

I'm sorry it had to come from disaster,but yeah,now there's an ember eh?!...LOL

Good for you though Julie.(Finding a little comfort can be that for sure.)

~And what better way than to share it with others? ~
Yeah girl,Right on! ;)

It was nice to hear how things were happening as your neighbors and 'Community' found ways to come together.

What a blessing to be a part of all that really.
I am very happy for you.

Breath it in,let it heal what it will for you.

You deserve to find your community,your peace,your fulfillment,your happiness.

So you go right ahead and make a start girl.Make Your start...!