Been feeling...well...miserable

I don't know why I keep falling into these patterns that I know are so bad for me. Feeling sorry for myself, melancholy....

I know that some of it is justified by my chemical makeup, but I do believe that some of it is a choice. The choice to continue to wallow, to look at all that is wearing me down, and forgetting all that brings me such joy.

I gave up my new way of eating, and have been lucky to not gain it all back.

So today, a new beginning...Yes, yet another one.

Gonna use this dormant blog to renew something again. This time last year I was beginning this blog with stories of fixing my marriage, this year - its about fixing me.

So baby steps....grin.

Today so far, I have had about a small coffee, with cream and sugar, and half a bagel with butter. I am full, so I will be taking the rest of my coffee to work for when I get hungry again.

Im feeling optimistic at the moment, so hopefully today will be a good day.

Well, my day at work was good, although tough. There was food EVERYWHERE. Figures as much when I am trying to avoid it.

I had a few bites of fruit, half a sugar cookie, 1/2 cup of pasta with tomato sauce and cheese, and a small piece of cake. Truthfully, hunger-wise, I could have done without the fruit, the bit of cookie, and the small piece of cake, but still a pretty good day.

Ill add in dinner later.

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Newlyweds Blog said...

I have the same battles, and I totally need support to lose weight. Maybe we can support each other!! My advice refined sugars create a hunger binge cycle (at least in me that is) I aim for whole grains, and try to skip the sugar. Anyway just a thought. Email me if you wanna chat more


Ps- good for you by the way its a hard thing to try and change your lifestyle!!!