Today I am grateful for...

The birds chirping outside my window and the nice cool breeze gently flowing in. AAAAHHHH, so beautiful.

You know, as I was walking this morning with Wesley (this is a new thing, he gets me up every weekday morning for 6:30 so we can go for a walk, to which I try to convince him that its tooooo early, or I am sick, or I'm too tired, to which he proceeds to quietly sit on my bed and stare at me, until I give in and go walk with him, cute kid, I think he is aspiring to be Bob Harper, ok I digress forgive the spiderwebbing (you know a story within a story, oh boy here I go, what is this three branches now?) anyhooooo...

I was thinking about my Gratitude challenge this morning, and realizing that when I first started it, it was almost difficult to think of things, just that I found it harder to put myself constantly into that frame of mind. I don't know if it is easier now because I have really connected my Gratitude to my thankfulness to God, or if I am just becoming a less self centered person, but really either way its pretty great.

This was a FANTASTIC weekend. Let me be clear though, there were moments in which I would *not* have said were great, such as when I was literally crawling UNDER the pool while trying to manually pull the wrinkles out of the liner, while enjoying the creepy crawly bugs living in the sand using my arms as a possible new home. Not special.

Or, pumping water in from the lake to fill the pool and realizing THAT was not a great idea (and quickly working to filter out the ickies) or having an intense migraine, and poor dave with a pulled shoulder that made him so hard to take seriously because he couldn't quite look at you straight, hehe.

But, you know, if it hadn't been for those moments I wouldn't have had the chance to feel so grateful for when we managed to get those wrinkles out, and there wouldn't have been the moment when we threw our boys in the pool so they could vacuum out said ickies, and I wouldn't have had that moment of sheer bliss after the headache passed where I could remember just how amazing the gift of health is. And well, Dave's shoulder is still bugging him, but if it hadn't been for his head being offset when he was talking to me, he wouldn't have the chance to read here that every time I looked at him like that, I felt sad that he was hurt, but I also giggled a bit to myself and fell in love with him all over again....

We got to take the boys to a fantastic concert this weekend (the Newsboys) where I was inspired and awed, and as usual reminded how good our God is. I sang my heart out with my little man beside me (who knew all the words to some of the new songs) and truly was grateful the whole time for that moment.

We had a barbecue with my parents to celebrate David's birthday, sunshine, fantastic food, a crazy puppy and an old doggie trying to run from the over-enthusiastic puppy, lots of laughter, a few splashes in the pool (and my dad getting hit in the head by the long pool cleaner rod by Dave, that was pretty funny) a bunch of great memories, and cherished "grateful" moments for me to carry into my new week.

Im including a clip from the newsboys concert (I didn't have a video camera so this is actually from another concert, but I thought it was worth posting anyway) this was how they started it, I LOVED the mix of Black Eyed Peas "I gotta feeling, and Life is Beautiful"

I hope you enjoy your week, and that you have some things you are very grateful for today!

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