Julie goes.....Green? ;)

I just recently became an Independent Shaklee Distributor. Have you heard of Shaklee? I had heard of it, mostly because I already run in home party circles ;), but also I had heard that Oprah had endorsed it a couple years ago, in her "My favorite things" show.

Which to be honest, didn't exactly make me want to run out and try it, haha.

So, how did I, someone who really knew nothing about this company, go from that to now being a Global Ambassador with the company?

Well, its kind of funny, actually, it all started at the Green Living show in Toronto....

I was RUNNING to go another booth (because Colin Firth was speaking, and I wanted to get back to him, since I knew he would miss that I was gone) and literally stopped in my tracks and did a double take. This woman at the booth looked a lot like a friend of mine, so I naturally swooped in for a closer look!

And then, the inevitable happened, she sold me stuff! ;)

I purchased the Shaklee Scour off, and the Laundry set (detergent, fabric softener, brightener) and off I went, sort of wondering how I just parted with my money without intending to (I am sure we all do that sometimes)

Included with my purchase that day was a membership, so shortly after I got home I received an email from the company and some more information on Shaklee, and its products.

The first thing I wanted to do was try the Scour off, on my ceramic stove cook top. If you know me, you know that I HATE that thing. I had literally used EVERY cleaner, razor blade, etc etc to get that sucker clean and short of my friend Stacey scrubbing it for an hour with the aid of razors, I had never been able to get it clean.

So, I opened the Scour off, and rubbed it on (and at the same time marvelled that it smells like Twizzlers) and to my SHOCK, it rubbed right off. All that baked on grime and crud, I was SOLD!

I knew right then and there, that I would peddle this stuff on the street corner...Anything that made my life that much easier, and my stove shine was good in my books.

What I didn't know, was that when I tried the Laundry products, I would have similar results. My whites, often dulled by my well water, were bright! My clothes smelled great and the stuff went a lot longer than the original 32 loads it was supposed to make.

So, I naturally started to think these would be products I would both use, and promote. I did some research on the company, and asked the poor girl I bought everything from literally a zillion questions, and decided that a company that produces such amazing products was a great investment!

So, I have now ventured into the world of Shaklee, and its a great world! Let me tell you why!

Shaklee is the first Climate Neutral Certified company with the achievement of a net zero impact on the Earth's climate.

Shaklee's products are eco friendly, and good for you! They don't have all of the chemicals that most of the products we are currently using do!

Anyway, I have rambled enough for now, but I do plan on sharing more as I discover the many uses for the products and also as I get started with my supplements and the Cinch plan. I have a lot of weight to lose, and am excited to give Shaklee a chance to help me accomplish that.

If anyone would like more information, or would like to try these products, I will offer them at my discount so that you can try them. You can view the products on my website, or contact me via sudburycleanandgreen@gmail.com