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Anonymous said...

are you in any kind of therapy?
This sudden switching back and forth is not healthy.

I searched for you after you just
left your other blog and find you here.
Posting on SB"s Blog as Julie.
I knew you as Tanda. Supported you daily in whatever you chose.
Then you vanished and I worried that you had done something stupid.

Please dont put all your eggs in Stephen Bennetts basket.
He is dangerous. Get real help to be who you are and happy with that.

Anonymous said...

The devil is out to drag you back and destroy your marriage and family. Beware of the evil ones. You have made the right choice! Stay close to Jesus every moment. Be strong. The wicked will do all they can to bring you down. Stay close to your husband.

Anonymous said...

why do you call me the devil ?
I didn't tell her to be gay. I told her to get help to be happy in the choice she has made.
I dont care what she is as long as she is happy.
Can you say the same ?

If she chose to be gay would you be ok with that?
I doubt it.
But I just want her and her family to be happy.
Don't assume what people mean without asking.
How christian is that ?

Julie said...

I have to say that I agree with Anonymous number one on this one...


Not to say that I do not believe that God can and will help me through this, but I think that you held her in harsh judgement that was unfair.

God does not judge her in that way, why on earth should we?

She is a great and talented lady (if it is who I think, grin) who is entitled to her opinions and also who has the right to be concerned that I did vanish and come back "saved"..

She only saw a snapshot of my life, and is reflecting on that, I would have done the same in her shoes.

Please, I welcome all visitors, but let it be in love and tolerance and respect.


Anonymous said...

You are right, love must be shown to all, but tolerance in not the way of the Lord. The Bible says, resist the devil and he will flee (and I am not referring to other writers as the devil). If you tolerate all the evils of the world, you will become desensitized to sin and loose God's favour. Instead, turn from sin and encourage others to do the same.

scribble said...

yeah Julie... it is me... I knew you and loved you as tanda...
I'll love and support you as Julie as well.
I am sincerely happy for you !

Still I want you to be careful to surround yourself with people who support you without thought of monetary gain in mind.
If they ask for

be well, be happy.
hugs to your whole family.

congrats on a lovely ceremony too !

Julie said...

Hey Annie,

Good to see you here :) and I mean that genuinely.

I can understand your concerns, I promise to be careful.

Thank you so much for your well-wishes, It means a lot to me.

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Who is Stephen Bennetts?