33 years ago...

A baby was born.

A child with whom brought such joy and happiness.
A baby boy!

Through the years he grew, he learned to do all the things a child will.

He walked, he talked, he opened his tiny arms to give and receive love.

His piercing blue eyes drank in all of the world.

The youngest child, and the only boy his journey was not always easy-

but he grew into a wonderful man

A man a girl fell in love with

The kind of man, that could share that same kind of love shown to him

with another baby boy

not of his own flesh

but loved just the same

He held the child with tender and compassionate arms

breathed words of love and acceptance into the tiny boy

and together they grew

and then another boy was born

so many like features

he too was loved with fierce pride

and again the man grew

The journey always true to its word grew more and more difficult

it would have broken a lesser man

but with faith and love in his heart

the man grew again

Grew so tall the girl could barely recognize the boy

so she grew too....

33 years ago my best friend was born.

Happy Birthday David

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Anonymous said...

Aww - thanks honey.

Nice to know I am thought of on my birthday.