The dreaded closet!

I truly think this closet keeps me up at night. One of these days I am going to paint it. I realize that painting cedar is a silly idea, BUT its TOO dark! I don't like it!

Now, you may wonder why I would let it get like this. Good question, but you see, I have this YOYO thing that goes on with my weight, about 20 pounds worth. I go up, I go down, I go up, you get the picture. So, I have a SUPER OVERABUNDANCE of clothing. It gets overwhelming.

So, I packed up all the stuff I am no longer wearing, anything that was in there for "when I fit into it again" and tossed anything that was crap. Leads to a much more ZEN like closet, wouldn't you agree? ;)

Next up...

THE DRESSER....duh duh duh.

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