End of week 2

Hey all!


I have just completed my second week doing "Cinch".

Cinch is a Shaklee product, used to help us to maintain healthy weight, or lose weight.

I purchased a starter kit that gave me the shakes, some snack bars, the Cinch vitamins, a pedometer and a measuring tape.

So it has been 14 days, I have lost almost six pounds, and 7 inches!!! The 7 inches part I am really, really excited about. Have you looked at how much 7 inches is? I am not a genius, but I have done a zillion diets, and so far I am really noticing a few things with this that totally stand out in my mind..

I have more energy-even though I'm not into superwoman mode, I can definitely feel a big difference.

My headaches are less frequent (I am a constant sufferer)

I NOTICE when I decide to substitute, let me explain...Sometimes as a woman, I want more variety so I say, Julie, you don't want a shake this morning you want a bagel. So I eat the bagel, and then, miraculously one hour later I am hungry, shaky, and generally feel crappy.

My appetite is less. With Cinch you can eat a full dinner, and while they recommend a very balanced, healthy meal, I don't ALWAYS manage that, but even when I don't I do not need nearly as much food to fill me up.

All these things aside, I have had a few struggles, unfortunately like last nights stressed out Oreo eating marathon, but, I just turn the page, and today is a new day! I know I could be losing faster if I was following it to a tee, but I am already sooo impressed by what I have accomplished so far! As a pretty much professional dieter I am feeling pretty optimistic!

The science behind Cinch is very compelling, and Shaklee has done a great job of putting together something that is easy to follow and that creates great results! If you want more info please feel free to contact me!

As with all Shaklee products, its backed by a 100 percent money back guarantee.

Check out Cinch here:

Cinch Weight Loss


Michelle said...

| got the scour off today ... smells yummy and I haven't got a chance to do much cleaning but it did a great job on the pan inserts on my stove. ( those are really nasty to get clean)

So with the cinch, what kind of shakes do you like the best? do you mix it with water or milk?

Julie said...

Hey Meesh! Super excited you got the Scour off! I love that stuff! Try it on your bathtub, it works great for that!

I have only tried the Vanilla shakes so far, but I mix it with frozen fruit and milk. I really like them that way, they fill me up really well.

I also have the Shaklee energy tea. At first I didn't like it (its a green tea, well actually a blend of a bunch) so you don't use milk or sugar (I add a smidge of honey) but now I really enjoy it, and I notice it helps me a lot mid afternoon. They nickname it "Liquid Oomph" hehe.