Fall Cleanup!

Ok guys! This is NOT my finest hour. If you know me, you probably know that I am a) a bit scattered/disorganized, b) procrastinate and c) have trouble sticking to a routine.

So, I have decided that starting today, Sept 16- till next week is FALL CLEANING WEEK!

So, I will attempt to post photos every day of my progress, but for today, I will show you the first thing I tackled. My work desk. I have two desks, but I only took a picture of the REALLY messy one, the one with my monitors stays quite tidy, but the one beside it sort of became a catch all.

Here is my before and after! Feels much better! Tomorrow I am tackling a BIGGIE, my closet. Shudder. You really have no idea. I feel like I could be on HOARDERS. Seriously, I have a clothing problem.

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vjc said...

Ha! This makes me feel better. I've been doing the same thing except you'll never catch me posting before pictures! I emptied my closet and slept in the studio for three days. But it feels good to have it organized and sorted (and donated and passed along) again. Good luck with the closet Julie!!