the dust bunny...

When Lisa was home visiting...She was so kind to be understanding of the insane amounts of dust that accumulate in my house.

There was one particular "gathering" of dirt and hair and dust that had taken up permanent residence in my hallway.

I kept meaning to sweep it up, but strangely enough, I had seemed to grow quite fond of it. Kind of like a bizzare little pet.

Lisa and I joked about it, and I promised her that I would leave it there till she comes back to visit.

So, here is a pic Lisa....look, hasn't she grown since you saw her last???



gadgetgrl said...

EWWWWW - JULIE ! I swear i think it is moving even in the picture. I am a little freaked out.

lorena said...

Don't let her grow too big Julie, or she will eventually grow into the blob and swallow you up. Ok you are probably too young to have seen that movie right.

Anonymous said...

I live there and I think that picture is nasty.

Wow - I agree with Gadget - EWWWWWW

Julie said...

That's hilarious! I too have dust bunnies everywhere... I can't stay on top of them! I wonder if there are any other dust bunny pictures on the net? I'm going to do a search. :)

Coutts said...

that is the most disgusting picture i have ever seen. leave it to spring and you've got yourself an easter bunny.
ps. just glad i didn't see it in the ingredients for taco soup