What's Cooking Wednesday - Mama's Cabbage Rolls

My mom makes the best cabbage rolls. I have had many rolls in my time, but I prefer my mom's hands down. They are definitley a bit finicky to prepare but worth it in my opinion.

Mama's Cabbage Roles

Cabbage Rolls

* I always freeze the cabbage prior, and soak in hot water, MUCH easier than boiling them.


1 pound lean ground beef
5 hot italian sausages (out of their skins)
3 slices of bacon (chopped fine) (I used ready cook bacon)
1 large onion (chopped fine)
2 fresh cloves of garlic
2 cups of uncooked minute rice
2 tbsp of tomato paste
salt and pepper to season
a lot of paprika (enough to cover the meat)
dash of worceshire sauce

Place all of these ingredients in a bowl and mix well. Place a small amount (about 2 tbsp) into a cabbage leaf and roll. Place seam down in a Dutch Oven.

Continue until they are all rolled. Fill the Dutch Oven with water and begin simmerring. Simmer until the water is about an inch from the bottom of the pan and add tomato juice. Keep adding tomato juice as it cooks down. You will simmer it for about 5 hours total. Add extra tomato paste if needed.

Yummm! I give this recipe 5 stars but I am biased :)


lorena said...

Hey Julie. I am not a fussy person, but I just can't manage to choke down cabbage rolls. Yuk! Maybe I need to try yours though, it's possible I just haven't found the right cook.

Anonymous said...

I gotta say - they are GREAT!!
And this comes from a guy that knows his cabbage rolls - hard not to when you live in Dauphin (home of Canada's National Ukrainian Festival) for as long as i did.

Definitely worth trying.

Dave H

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the compliment Julie.They are yummy arent they. Love Mom xxoo