13 days till she comes...

And so, I thought it would be fitting to list 13 favorite memories, and favorite things that I love about my little sister!

1- Well, because it is the holiday season, I will first share one of my favorite Christmas memories with my sister. Seeing as she is five years younger than me, I knew before her about Santa. So, my dad who thought he was a brilliant man, went to good ole Canadian Tire and purchased a timer for the Christmas tree. He hooked it all up, so that the lights would not come on until 9 am on Christmas morning. Well, he sat us down and told us that Santa had told him that he would turn the lights on when he comes and therefore insuring Mom and Dad some extra sleep.

So, you can imagine when the oldest sister (who has ALWAYS had trouble sleeping) noticed the beautiful Christmas lights flashing in the hallway at 4 am, that she did what any mischievous older sister would do, and woke her little sis, to inform the very sleepy parents that Santa had come.

Oh man, I will never ever forget my dad's sleepy smug grin when he announced that "No, sweetie, Santa hasn't come yet!" and I got to inform him that "Oh yes Daddy, Santa did come, the Christmas lights are on" So, Daddy dearest, and oldest daughter bantered back and forth for a second, until he realized that he was out of luck, and off we went to enjoy the delight of Christmas morning.

There was magic in being the oldest sister for me, I loved watching Lisa's excitement, and being part of it. I loved watching for Rudolph with her every Christmas Eve, and putting out treats for Santa. Lisa and I would always stay up really late with our nervous anxious excitement of what the next morning would bring.

Yikes, all that and I am only on number one. HAHA. Ok, well...Onward...

#2- Ok, this memory is not actually mine. But I remember it all the same. One year my little sister and her best friend decided to go caroling. Off they went the brave little souls and caroled their little hearts out. It was (and you can correct me if I am wrong Lisa, but this is how I remember it) a couple weeks later that we noticed Lisa had a bunch of money, that mom later found out she had got from caroling, that people had assumed they were raising funds for some charity. HAHAHAHAH....I need to try that.

#3- I am not sure how many years it was in a row, but I know for awhile there, my mom and dad would let Lisa and I go watch a movie together at the theatre on Christmas Eve. It was so wonderful, just her and I. The one that stands out most for me is "Prancer" you remember that one Li? I can remember us standing outside after twirling around in the big fluffy white flakes that were falling down around us. A picture perfect Christmas Eve.

#4- HAHA, ok while this may not make much sense or be near as funny to the rest of my readers, I nearly died laughing when this happened. Fast forward to one of the last years that Lisa and I had Christmas together. I believe I had Drew at the time, but was not married yet. Well, anyway, for some reason Lisa and I had the giggles more than usual, and had been laughing all through the church service. My mother had threatened to separate us. Well, we finally got it under control and were solemnly singing along to one of the beautiful Christmas hymns, when a fly flew onto the overhead projector, thus making it appear huge. This was funny to us, and we started at it again. Just then, one of the ladies from our church who happened to have a larger than life personality, who unfortunately was also doing the overheads, decided to smack the fly. OMG, we both lost it. Nothing like some yuletide hysterics.

#5- Ok, since I am on the church Christmas memories, there is one that is not really funny, but one of my most favorite memories of all time. My family was not raised in church, in fact, I was the first to devote my life to Christ when I was 16. My little sister followed, and then by the Grace of God, my mom and dad. So, church on Christmas Eve, became something so much more to us then perhaps to others who had been doing it all their lives.

One year, my sister did an interpretive dance to the song "Go light your world" by Kathy Troccoli. It was my far, one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Oh Lisa, I wish you could have seen it through my eyes. She wore a white dress, and it flowed so beautifully. You are gifted my sister....and my only wish, would be that someday you will pick up those dance shoes again. Of all the things I feel you have been lied to about in your life, that is the worst. You were born to dance, a gift from the Father, it is part of your heart - and that was something your dance teacher never understood.

#6- Do you remember the year we got the Cornsilk cabbage patch kids? Lisa and I had both wanted them so badly, and my smart mom, decided to wait until the end of Christmas day to give them to us...They were beautiful. As an aside, being a mom now, and understanding the pure insanity of fad toys, a huge shout out to my mom for going to the lengths I am sure you did to give them to us. I never thanked you enough. Millecent and Erica. That was there names. :)

#7- Now this memory does not necessarily have Christmas as part of it, but it was all about gift giving. When Lisa and I were small, every week we would do this gift exchange. It was hilarious, we would make up a package of stuff that was ours and give it to each other. We must have regifted almost everything we owned. Back and Forth, until we truly forgot who had it originally.

#8-HAHAHA, ok I just thought of this one. I think this might have actually been the last Christmas I had with Lisa actually. Lisa came home from University, and I was excited to host part of Christmas that year. So, I devised this wonderful Christmas brunch from my cooking magazines, and Lisa came over that morning to share it with us. Well, I made this overnight French toast bake, and it was awful!!! Inedible. YUCK. So then, we moved to the next dish. I for the life of me cannot remember what it was, but it was definitely equally yoked with the French toast. Oh man, my reputation for a good cook went right out the window. Luckily my smoothies were good. I hope you are ready to try again Lisa!

Ok, so there is nine memories....So now for a few of my favorite things!

#9-She has a great smile! The best really
#10-She is smart as a whip. Seriously, she amazes me
#11-She has a great sense of humor, one of the best, and she puts up with my not so funny stories
#12-She too can wiggle her nose (a Newton thing)

and lastly, but certainly not the least...

#13- She always has been, and always be, whether near or far, my best friend, and one of my greatest supporters.

I love you Lisa! I can't wait to see you :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Yeah, I'd be a real jerk to read all this and not write something in response eh ;)
I can't tell you how much that meant to me. There's obviously nothing I can say back that will be close to enough. You're beautiful, and I love you more :)

And we're going to have an amazing Christmas together! I can't wait!

Love you Julie! Thank God I have you...

Anonymous said...

I remember the Christmas Eve with the fly on the overhead - that was priceless. Can't wait until you get here Li - gonna be a great time.

Good memories like this are hard to come by. Don't ever forget them.

Dave H

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post. You can really tell how much you love your sister.