My 30 year old feet....

Yes they are short and fat and sometimes hairy, lol...

however, thanks to my good friend Erin, they are much smoother and pretty this year.

All decorated for the season, equipped even with a shiny little Christmas tree.

You see, Erin took me for a pedicure for my 30th birthday.

Now, I had only ever had one pedicure before and that was a few years back with my sister, right before her wedding. Now I am sure my sister can testify to the sheer embarrasment of having her older sister squirm and make crazy faces while having her feet scraped, poked, prodded, and buffed.

Erin managed to practically fall asleep during hers, however, I was full of the same antics as the first time.

Im sorry, I just do not see how that is relaxing. She is GRATING your feet man!!!

I dunno all of my best friends have all had a thing with feet.

I can remember Cherie grating my feet once.....hahahaha, she scraped and peeled and made disgusted faces at the state of my feet. She told me to never let them get like that again.

Obviously it did not work as a few years later, Michelle had at it with my feet. (Although she has this cool razor she uses, that *almost* feels good. HEHE.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Julie. Love the holiday toe!
-- Lorena

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday you YOUNG girl you!!
Love ya! ~Erin~

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh how I love that razor thingy..... There is something about peeling off all that dead skin and rough yucky stuff that is sooo satisfying. ... The feets looks so purty there....

Happy Birthday chickeeee and welcome to the dirty thirties-- about time you joined me!