My December blogger challenge...

Ok, so seeing as how November was National Blogger Month, and I barely wrote at all, I was inspired by a Frugal friend of mine Shan (who by the way, I think writes one of the most entertaining and wonderful blogs ever) to try my hand at doing a bit more with my blog this month!

So, it is my challenge to write 15 new blogging blips (that is what I will call them for lack of a better word) between now and the year 2007!

That is on average once every other day. Oh and this one counts! HEHE.

Ok, all my friends in the blogosphere, anyone care to join me?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks, that's a very sweet thing to say and I didn't even pay you to say it.

I hope to see more posts this month because I really love stopping by to visit.

lorena said...

15 new blips you say. Hmmm that's one every other day and I am already behind 3 days. This doesn't involve baking too I hope, because you know how angry that can make me!
I will consider it and definately commit to reading all of yours, my friend.

Julie said...

HAHA, see there is a potential blip right there! Why does baking make you angry Lorena? hehe.

You can do it! Besides, they do not have to be long blips (wink)