well since Lorena beat me to it! and also stole my title!

Ha I guess great minds think alike!

Saturday we had a sleigh ride to celebrate my birthday. However, it was quite nice as two of my friends, Deanne and Tasha share the same birthday, so it was triple the fun!

It was a blast. Aside from when my dear husband threw me off the sleigh and it took me at least 20 minutes to get back on. Ya can you say out of shape??

It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of town out to where the snow was thicker, and instead of hearing cars and things the faint sound and smell of horses lingered in the air. *which to my son was not necessarily pleasant. Apparently nine year old boys are obsessed with horse poop.

We attempted some Christmas Carols which was pretty funny actually. Apparently, we don't know the words as well as we thought.

I thought Michelle was gonna die laughing at me when I sang "corn pop" in frosty the snow man.

It was a wonderful memorable time, and I am so thankful for my husband and Chel who so generously put it together!

Thanks :) Love ya!

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Anonymous said...

Great times - good memories.

Lots of laughs.

Have to do it again sometime.

Love you baby, and Happy Birthday again.