a 30th gift...

8 years ago, my dear friend Cherie sealed up a box of little messages and knick knacks for me to open on what I thought was my 30th birthday. (turns out it was supposed to be in two more years to mark a full decade, but whatever, hehe)

This little box travelled everywhere with me over the past 8 years from house to house and all over the country.

I was so excited to open it and see what was inside. First of was a beautiful card. I asked Cherie if I could share it with you and she said that was ok (I think part of that was a curiosity on her part to see what she had written so long ago)
A prayer for us

Dear Lord, Thank you for our friendship. I pray that your hadd of
protection would be around me and Julie as our lives take us on our paths. Let
us never forget our passion for service to you. Protect our families and give us
guidance to face whatever situations we come accross. Thank you for your


Dearest Julie,

Just a note to go with this box. Thank you for always being there. I know
that at "30" we will be the best of friends, we are like fine wine - we get
better with age!! never lose your passion for life and your famiy - its a
valuable trait.

Love you Always,

Here are some of the things from the box: Pardon the pics, some are pics of pics, and such things..

Cherie's favorite toe ring (on my toe
This one is pretty much self expanatory. A memento of our home town.

This is a blurry photo of Cherie at our place of employment at the time. Good ole DQ. HEHE
There were lots more photos and mementos, and a tape with a message I have yet to listen to. I was already bawling when I opened it, so thought I would save that for a little later....hehe
Anyways, Thanks so much my friend. I love ya.


Newlyweds Blog said...

Hey Jules,

Man I forgot how good I look serving Ice cream! hot stuff! now you take good care of that toe ring. Im glad that after all this time you kept our little box. I would love to see it someday. And you are right 40 is way to old for a trip, It will have to be sooner then that! After all I cant back down from my challenge to stay busy and fun post kids!!! I love ya happy birthday hon!

Coutts said...

that is a really really really really really good idea idea idea!

jon (pardon my stuttering)