10 for today

Ok. As I just went out on a date with my hubby to the movies, Ill start with that.

11 - I LOVE popcorn. I am a popcorn freak, more butter the better!
12- I went through a faze with a turkey baster trying to make the perfect popcorn
13 - Lone Justice is my favorite band. The lead singer Maria Mckee absolutely rocks!
14 - I recently learned (finally) how to pee in the bush
15 - I had a hampster named Presley. He was hillarious. He got caught once in a heating duct and we wrote him off for dead. The next day we could hear scratching and amazingly he was alive. He came out full of soot with his hair all spiked up. I figured he was just earning his name....grin.
16 - My favorite color is Yellow. However to wear is pink. Yellow brings out my happy side and pink my romantic side.
17 - I am a struggling yet aspiring singer/songwriter. I also love to act.
18 - I am also a writer. (Gee can you tell which side of the brain I use?)
19 - I worked for a year in a travel agency. I liked it.
20 - I worked for nearly two years in flowers. First shop was good, the second one - Quality Flowers and Gifts, was my home. I still dream of that little shop and its wonderful owner, all the time...Sigh. Miss ya Heather....

well that is it for today....tune in tomorrow for another edition of.....its your life!!! (now go get a real one)


gadgetgrl said...

hey if you had pee mates( http://www.femalefreedom.ca/ ) you would be able to pee stAnding up all the time - wooo hooo and write your name in the snow!

Julie said...

your a real nut know that! Good thing I love ya! :)