100 things about me....an idea from Gadgetgrl :)

Let's see....this is where it gets fun.

1- When I was a little girl, I used to have a doll. I named my doll the same name I told everyone that I would one day name by daughter. Her name was prisicka (Thank God I had sons)
2 - I used to be a compulsive liar.
3 - crap, am I only on three...ummmm, my mother did my highlights blonde once and I looked like I had spaghetti on top of my head...
4 - which, by the way, did NOT match my dark brown hair and BUSHY eyebrows
5 - speaking of which, I had my eyebrows "roped" once, an east indian way of removing eyebrows, and my cousin and aunt were laughing so hard I thought they were going to pee them selves because the lady was yelling "too bushy, too bushy" *- ya, if you think waxing is bad, that stuff feels like razor blades
6 - I was almost named "Darby" or "Bethany" yikes.
7 - I have always had a problematic bladder.....(lots of funny stories there)
8 - I also have tons of embarrassing moments!
9 - I have huge nasty feet, that plagued me with warts when I was young, and athletes foot as I got older. Great eh?
10 - (my last one for today) I absolutely cannot stand when my husband farts, but my farts don't bother me. LOL

1 comment:

gadgetgrl said...

The blonde hilights i did were pretty bad too eh?

I can't imagine you named darby or bethany- lol or a kid named prisicka- oh my!

Can't wait for the next edition!