Tim Hortons is calling me.....

Ok, so a week ago, I decided that I was going to kick my coffee addiction. I am in the midst of revamping my life and getting my fat ass in gear towards becoming healthy.

Well....when you drink a large triple triple a day pretty much this habit is harder than I thought to kick.


Well the thing that is the real kicker is I have (in my new plan) made it so I will reward myself with a Timmies on Saturday and Sunday....but now I am wondering if it will make it harder to do this all over again next week.

Maybe Ill just have one on Saturday. Ack, I can't yard sale without my Timmies.....Heaven FORBID!

Looks like we might go to a farm auction this weekend (thanks to a referrel from my good friend gadgetgrl) I am excited about that, have never been to one (didn't exist where I am from) and so now I finally have the excuse to go! (not so dure the hubby shares my enthusiasm, but like the wonderful guy he is, he is humoring me....)

So, a good old fashioned weekend with garage sales and Timmies, and everything, and I am looking forward to my family time!

Let you know how it all goes!


gadgetgrl said...

I have no advice about the coffee - I am in the same boat! I'll be coming to for advice once you kick it.

Kewl-- I hope you do go to the auction this weekend:-)

suze said...

hey. i kicked the coffee habit back in april (just before final exams - probably not the best time *grin*) i found for me the best way was to go cold turkey and ride out the caffiene headache and then after about three days or so (when the cravings start to subside) when i wanted coffee i drank decaf (only swiss water process decaf though - luckily timmies does that)

now i can drink the occasional fully loaded coffee and not crave it the next day.

good luck :)