catching up

I am behind...

so I will do the next 20.

21 - I am very passionate. I do everything by te extremes, all or nothing, and truthfully it gets me messed up, hurt and disapointed more often than naught. I am working on this.

22 - My new official food is Papa Murphy's gourmet vegetarian Pizza, which, since we cannot get it in Canada, I am at work trying to recreate.

23 - Music is my greatest passion.

24 - I have never tried sushi.

25 - I am a huge procrastinator. I am also lazy. These are also things I am working at.

26- I secretly think I can make a difference.

27 - I believe in God, and try to live my life in faith.

28 - One of my all time favorite Christian songs is Worlds Apart by Jars of clay. It hits home, especially lately.

29 - I put far too much worth in other people's opinions.

30 - I pretend that I don't.

31 - Chocolate literally calls to me. I almost always answer.

32 - I am lonely.

33 - I have always wanted to learn to dance.

34 - My little sister is my hero. I think her determination, sense of self, and strength are qualities I need more of.

35 - I miss my family. I have always been the type that believed in the philosophy of "It takes a whole village to raise a child" and never imagined being so far from them.

36 - I like liverwurst. LOL, never admitted it as a child. (still have trouble)

37 - I feel things like no one else I know. My emotions are so huge sometimes it suffocates me.

38 - I cry at movie previews.

39 - I love camping, and was afraid I lost that.

40 - I love Frisbee, badminton, volleyball, and softball. I never played because all the kids called me fat, and never had confidence. I WILL play all of these things again.

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gadgetgrl said...

wow - I love your list today- so "real"