1 MONTH on Cinch!

Ok, so here is the one month mug shot! I plan to update it every month ;) Eventually I will get to actual photos too, but this is just super easy with my webcam!

So, today is one month on Cinch....

I am proud to report I am down 9 and a half pounds with 12 inches GONE! The inches blow me away ;)

In case you care here is the breakdown!

waist- down 4 inches
hips- down 2 inches
bust- down 1 inch
Thigh-down 2 inches
Upper Arm-down 3 inches

So here are this months goals:

I need to start exercising. I did this without exercising at all really, a couple walks but that was it. So, this month I want to aim for at least 30 minutes of activity three days a week. Small goals, but now that I feel I have some more energy, I may increase that.

Also, I need to stick to the Cinch plan a bit more. I keep forgetting my vitamins, I guess that is why Vitalizer is a better option!

I LOVE the chocolate shakes (last month I did Vanilla, so this month I am trying the Chocolate) and a chocolate shake with frozen banana in it, tastes like a Frosty from Wendy's. No kidding!

Those of you who have been toying with trying the program, I really do recommend it. I have noticed a great change in the month. Shaklee has a money back guarantee so if you do try it and after a month really notice no difference, you really have nothing to lose! And the starter kit is 10 percent off (savings of 20.87) until October 15th!

Check out Cinch here:

Cinch Weight Loss

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