Soak the Impossible!!!

Everyone gets stains!

It happens...

Everytime I sit down to eat I drop stuff on my chest, its inevevitable. I am the girl who sits on the ketchup packet she accidently dropped when eating a burger at a fast food place, the girl who trips while she is carrying coffee, you get the picture.

So, for me, a decent stain remover is a godsend. One that is not riddled with chemicals is even better!

So, for your behalf, here is my blog video debut.

(and by the way, the camera DOES add 20 pounds ;) if I wasn't passionate about you getting the info, and helping you make clean and green choices, there is NO way I would publish this on the internet)

So here is me, in all my geeky glory, helping you make better choices!

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Shaklee Cleaning Products, Safe for you and the planet

1 comment:

vjc said...

Geekily glorious! :)

Great job, Julie!