One Paste to rule them all.....

I don't enjoy cleaning. Never have.

I do however, find great joy in besting an opponent. This, everyone, is how I became a Shaklee Distributor.

Once upon a time there was a girl who moved across the country back to Ontario and moved into a nice new home. This home came with a fancy new stove from Maytag, that apparently was supposed to make her new life a culinary delight.

After the first week in her new home however she was already frustrated with the new stove because it would not come clean. It was one of those ceramic top stoves and it didn't matter WHAT she cooked with, EVERY time it would leave awful black marks and she would scrub and scrub to no avail.

She thought she had it beat when she used Magic Erasers, Razor Blades, Ceramabrite, Vim, Ajax etc etc, she even tried the PC Green cleaners but nothing worked!

So this sad new homeowner just decided it would remain this way.


Like a hero from a book, this little cherry scented paste saved the homeowners sanity and worked not only on her stovetop but on her oven as well (its safe for self clean) It also cleans many other areas of her house too!

After falling in love with this product she set out to try the rest of the Get Clean line and then began to educate herself on the harmful chemicals and toxins in the stuff she had been using, and is now an advocate, trying to get the word out to others who like her, perhaps didn't realize how dangerous and harmful these things can be!


vjc said...

Hey, Julie? What do they have for acrylic shower surrounds? Have tried almost everything and it's still nasty. Thanks :)

Julie said...

This (the paste that rules them all) would work I think. (I use it on mine)

Also the nature bright, is a natural whitener, I make a paste of that and put it on to sit, works wonders...

HMM, might be my next before and after!!! hehe!

We have hard water (as you remember) so this has been the only thing that even TOUCHES it!)