Fibromyalgia and Reservatrol

I have been taking Shaklee VIVIX for two weeks now.

I have noticed a SUBSTANTIAL change in the way I feel. People who know me, know I have a LOT of pain in my muscles. My husband can barely touch my shoulders without me cringing in pain. I have migraines, insomnia, stomach problems, and I generally catch whatever is going around as soon as someone sneezes.

Since I am doing supplements and immune boosters as well, it was difficult for me to be sure what it was that was helping me so much with the muscle pain. I used to have general soreness, as well as charlie horses every single night.

So, I set off to read more about the products I was using and WHY they may be helping me so much. I found this amazing blog (also set up by Shaklee Distributors) who have a WEALTH of information on Vivix.

So, I am going to repost with permission, her segment on Fibromyalgia and Vivix, since it has impacted me so much.

Is resveratrol a magic pill to cure what ails you, in this case, fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Headache Pain
While not a magic pill—resveratrol is an amazing substance created by nature to protect the health of plants. Certain nutrients, such as resveratrol, are made within plants and are designed to help them thrive despite hostile conditions. Scientists made the incredible discovery that the same plant-made chemicals that nurture plants, can protect and revitalize the cells in our bodies as well.

Repairing damaged cells is the bottom line function of resveratrol. Disease, such as fibromyalgia, results from an increasing number of cells that are unhealthy and fail to function properly. The body is designed to accommodate a normal cell life cycle. When this cycle is compromised by damaged DNA, and the body can no longer reproduce healthy new cells, we begin to suffer from the effects of that imbalance. Adding pure resveratrol and other plant phytonutrients such as those found in the muscadine grape, elderberry and pomegranate, to our diets gives our body nutrients that are proven to repair and revitalize the cells.

As recognized in the last post, fibromyalgia is a condition recognized by the pain it produces. Even though the exact cause may not be known, the impact of the disease will be reduced as damaged cells within the affected part of the body are rejuvenated. To do that, cells need to receive a regular supply of critical, health producing nutrients. Whether low energy, damaged DNA, or other genetic regulators are involved, resveratrol in Vivix is perfectly suited to slow the damage and repair the affected cells and body systems.

Our bodies have amazing recuperative abilities, but complete recovery is only possible by providing everything the body needs at the cellular level to thrive. Recovery also may call for lifestyle changes as well as a healthier environment. Tomorrow, read how adding resveratrol found in Vivix eliminated pain from fibromyalgia suffered for years for a woman named Isabel.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be free of fibromyalgia pain after years of suffering? I can tell you that it will make you want to shout the good news to anyone who is suffers from the same condition. That is how Isabel felt. Read what Isabel had to say about her experience with Vivix, an anti-aging product that uses resveratrol and other plant chemicals to build healthy new cells.

I do not know where to begin on how Vivix has changed my life. I have been in constant pain for the last for years suffering with Fibromyalgia and Lupus. I was on all sorts of pain meds and nothing seemed to work. I also tried several prescriptions to help with the Fibromyalgia still a complete disappointment.

I heard guest speakers from Shaklee at our Wine Night speak about the benefits of Vivix. Of course I am very reluctant to try anything when the Doctors couldn't even prescribe anything to help me. I figured why not if it doesn't work I just won’t order it again. I was excited to hear the presentation, signed up that night and waited anxiously for my Vivix to come in. Deep down in my heart I thought this stuff isn't going to work - well I made my self a liar.

Within five days of taking Vivix I stopped hurting. I would get massaged three times a week before I took this just to keep functioning. I am on my second bottle and I can honestly say I am pain free when I went to the Doctors my blood pressure had dropped to 106 over 60 compared to 170 over 90 wow what a difference. I would recommend this to anyone that I meet that is in pain.

~ Isabel

Want to read other ways VIVIX is changing lives?
Kathryn has listed tons of testimonials over on her blog here.

If you suffer from any of these things, why not give it a try? Take it for a month, if you honestly notice no improvement, you get your MONEY BACK! Nothing to lose :)

I may seem overzealous in my efforts to share this information, but trust me, if you live with constant pain and someone offers you something that helps, you just want to tell everyone, so please know that my efforts here are genuine!

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