My sweet husband (it was our 12 year anniversary yesterday by the way) decided he wanted to "challenge me" to see if my "Shaklee stuff" could beat HIS tests...

So he wanted to do some motor oil, which he gladly went and got from the lawn mower, and red wine. This is the results.

*Note- I can upon watching it on the video see a faint outline of the motor oil on the trim of the towel, however, I am washing it in my washing machine now to see if it all comes out. I am confident it will, but will post a picture when its done!

I LOVE how enthusiastic my husband was when doing this video, its nice to see a man get excited by cleaning products.

Thanks Darlin!

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vjc said...

I'm curious how red wine is a manly stain. I was thinking underarm yellow T-shirt stuff, not sipping a nice Chablis while mowing the lawn

Nice job, David!! Demo was impressive.